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Hi, my name is Paul.  With a large interest in fishing, always wanting the bigger catch, I started making my own boilies and other products associated with fishing.

I started out making them just for my own personal use when fishing and as things went on, friends asked if they could try out my boilies.

My friends really liked them and so I thought why not try and see if anyone else would want them.  They've been an instant hit with members of the public.

While predominantly, I'm the only one making the boilies, my family does help out quite a bit now, seems that friends of mine have spread the word!

Over the the last 2 years I've found myself getting more and more people asking for bait.  Although the demand for my boilies continues to grow, my greatest satisfaction still comes from knowing that my customers are using fresh baits, which I have made to make a catch.

The boilies we make are specifically designed as freezer baits only, (although if you’re going to use them quickly enough they will last a short time out of the freezer).

We offer a wide range of boilie flavours and sizes, so don’t hesitate in asking if you’re unsure of what to use.

So whether your a complete novice to fishing or an angling expert Boilie Shack is here to help!

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